Future Friend/Ship

Future Friend/Ship - a piece by Keith Hennessy & Jassem Hindi
Produced by Kampnagel / Hamburg - Nadine Jessen and Caroline Spellenberg
Première - June 10th 2015 at the Choreography and Protest - Live Arts Festival / Kampnagel - Hamburg

Future Friend/Ship is a transformation into animals, showing teeth, making childish dances, performing science fiction, conjuring the wars.

We invent, uncover and pretend a necessary but impossible magical poem for an Arab Future Fiction. 

We invoke our fake ancestors: Donna Haraway, Edward Said, Nazik al Malaika, Ian Banks, the news in Syria, ritual gestures of hospitality, and our queer/idiot politics.

We bring broken drones, flowers, protest songs, magical cartography, Tunisian hip hop and future fiction tarot cards.

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